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Discover your next favourite rice dishes, from the simple khichdis and idlis to elaborate, feast ready biryanis, pulaos and regional super stars like pulihora, bisibele bhath and kheer!

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Hyderabadi bagara baingan
Recipe by: Deyasini

It is a tasty South Indian brinjal recipe I learnt. it is both sweet and savory

Eggless chocolate cake recipe, How to make eggless chocolate cake | Eggless cake with condensed milk
Recipe by: Rkit

Happy new year to all of you. On this festive occasion I am presenting eggless almond chocolate cake...

zukini and panner sizzler
Recipe by: sv341976

amazing zukini and tofu / paneer severed hot in a sizzler palate

basa in mustard dressing
Recipe by: sv341976

basa grilled and served with mustard dressing


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