Deboning A Chicken Breast

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Deboning A Chicken Breast
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Boneless chicken breasts just might be the most versatile cut of the chicken. You can cook them whole, stuff them with goodies, slice them thin for stir-fry, and cut them in cubes for kebabs. The possibilities are endless.
Three Easy Steps
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If you buy your bone-in chicken breast at the market, it usually comes already split into two halves. But if both halves of the breast are still attached to the breastbone, use a long, sharp knife or heavy-duty kitchen shears to cut through the center of the breastbone from neck to tail.
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Next, you’ll separate the meat from the ribs. With the breast skin-side up, start at the breastbone and use your knife to make a cut along the length of the bone. Make short, scraping cuts very close to the ribs, while gently pulling the meat away with your other hand. Continue to cut with your knife close to the bone, and remember, never cut towards your fingers.
Chicken Tenders
While you’re doing this step, you’ll notice a long, narrow piece of breast meat, called the “tenderloin” or just “tender.” It usually separates itself while you’re removing the meat from the bones. You can save this for stir-fry, or bread it for “chicken tenders.”
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Now trim away any tendons and excess fat. If you want skinless breast meat, this is when you simply slip it off.
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