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    After a long day at work, away from family, how is your cooking coming along? No need to eat out everyday, our easy, delicious, soup, curry, sandwich recipes are your best friends as you discover your cooking talents.

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    Soft khichadi is a comforting dal and rice based meal that is flavored with warm ghee. It is delicious by itself, but if you want, you can have achar or scrambled eggs with it.

    Recipe by: Prajakta_Karanjkar

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    As the name suggests this dal can be made quickly and easily as any other dals. But the difference is in fact that there is no masala added and also the minimum spices used. Hope u enjoy this dish as much me and parents. This recipe was my brainwave one boring evening as i was waiting for my parents and had to cook something lite and nutritious for dinner.

    Recipe by: akshu-cooks

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    This bhurji with basil and cheese will make for a wonderful breakfast or brunch! Eat on top of toast.

    Recipe by: SOPHIAWADE

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    Aloo, sweetcorn and capsicum make this delicious and hearty Spanish omelette called 'frittata' or 'tortilla'. The perfect dish for a weekend breakfast!

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This basic recipe for the famous middle eastern snack, made with kabuli chane, is quick, easy and always delicious. And it's good for you too!

    Recipe by: TAZF18

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    Nothing says summer better than mango and strawberries in a lush, cool salad. And it's ready in a heartbeat!

    Recipe by: Joyce A.

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    Say goodbye to fatty, fried potato chips and try these vitamin packed, baked Shakarkandis. Best eaten at room temperature.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

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    Fresh ginger, cardamom, and shakarkandi (sweet potatoes) will fill your house with a delightful autumn fragrance, as well as call your family to the table.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

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    I tried this healthy, delicious smoothie today that uses ginger which is very beneficial for cholesterol.

    Recipe by: bluebayou

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    This is a basic powder that goes very good in soups, vegetable dishes, on rice and in meat dishes.

    Recipe by: Curry

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