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Want to bake your own bread? Choose seasonal ingredients, make healthy and economical breads. Plus, bread making can be a great family activity.

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Here's the best naan I have ever tasted! Make in a tandoor or the barbecue is the next best thing.

Recipe by: Mic


A perfect snack for rainy evenings and the gossip crowd.

Recipe by: pragatim


This is a moist banana loaf cake perfect for using up ripe bananas. I usually freeze my old bananas until I have enough for a recipe or two. Just freeze them as they are - peel and all - and thaw for an hour or so at room temperature.

Recipe by: PEDGI


Chicken flavoured with cinnamon and garlic inside a steaming hot paratha. Moonh mein pani!

Recipe by: pragatim


We make this couple of times a week as it’s a good change from regular rotis and healthy option too.

Recipe by: pragatim

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