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'Annapurna'- our goddess of food is named after grains. Eat healthy with our whole grain recipes using ragi, jowar, bajra and wheat.

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Shimla mirchi, dhania and parsley made into a paste and cooked with rice. Makes a great dish to go with chicken or lamb curry.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan


This is a delicious chocolate cake for those who can't have eggs, and even for those who can! It also doesn't have milk products.

Recipe by: Amy Parsons


We've made this recipe for over 40 years and I promise it won't disappoint!

Recipe by: PREGOCOOK


This is my basic recipe for a simple chocolate cake. It's made without eggs and milk, great for people who are vegetarians or allergic to them.

Recipe by: Jen


These cakes called 'Lamingtons' down under and they're little sponge cakes coated in chocolate and coconut. Any firm type of plain sponge cake works well.

Recipe by: bme

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