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Cooking grains (427)

'Annapurna'- our goddess of food is named after grains. Eat healthy with our whole grain recipes using ragi, jowar, bajra and wheat.

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1 review

Shimla mirchi, dhania and parsley made into a paste and cooked with rice. Makes a great dish to go with chicken or lamb curry.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

12 reviews

This is a delicious chocolate cake for those who can't have eggs, and even for those who can! It also doesn't have milk products.

Recipe by: Amy Parsons

4 reviews

Very healthy and superb tasty kheer ,cashew nut kheer Mouth watering kheer,once you eat feel like eating again n again hmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh yammyyyyyyy

Recipe by: vidyasagar

2 reviews

Easiest, no fuss recipe for a yummy vanilla cake. Serve with icing on top or with cream and fruit. Great to cook with kids!

Recipe by: scott

2 reviews

This is a yummy dal. For variation, add coconut milk towards the end of cooking. Freezes well.

Recipe by: Gillian Stevens

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