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Faluda is a refreshing drink and is very famous in south Asia. It is sweet and thick, and the pista essence gives it the right flavor as a summer drink.

Recipe by: Megha_Karanjkar

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It is the most famous mishti i.e. dessert in bengali cuisine. It is made out of pure chena, i.e. cottage cheese. It is healthy and particularly has a healing effect if eaten warm while having a stomach infection.

Recipe by: piku

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Very healthy and superb tasty kheer ,cashew nut kheer Mouth watering kheer,once you eat feel like eating again n again hmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh yammyyyyyyy

Recipe by: vidyasagar

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this cake is Very Healthy to all .

Recipe by: amritamantri

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If you are intimidated by the thought of making Rasgullas at home, breathe easy! I was too, until one day I tried it and realized I was worried for no reason all these years. They are quite easy and super quick to make. Give these a try.

Recipe by: Susmita

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