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Remember when dadima used to move her wooden madhani in cream, churning it into butter singing her Durga stuti? For times when that's not possible, here's a quicker version. Just put heavy cream in a food processor and run it till it turns into butter. It's a good experiment for the kids to watch, too!

Recipe by: Brian Perspect

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Here's a drink for 'big kids' allowed to have spiked milk.


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A sticky toffee sauce that's perfect for ice cream, sponge puddings or fruit.

Recipe by: JESABELLA

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CORN CUTLETS Boil a cup full of sweet corn.Mash them.Add 2 TSF each of finely cut onions and capsicum to the mashed corns.Add 2 spoonful of finely cut ginger and a spoonful of green chillies as well as two slices of bread and 2 TSF bread crumps to the above mixture.Also add a spoonful each of red chillies,Anardana powder,garam masala and salt to taste.mash all the ingredients together and make small balls,flatten these balls slightly and fry ih any veg.oil till golden brown. Enjoy your Corn cutlets with hari chutney and tomato ketchup.

Recipe by: manavji

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Its a buttery simple cake easy to make and delicious.

Recipe by: Priti

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it's a veg version of cheesecake without the added calories of condense milk , cream or eggs. plus with a twist of saffron flavour.

Recipe by: moonjaan

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