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I love Idlis. Here's a North Indian touch to this classic comfort food from the South. You can use any vegetables you have in the fridge.

Recipe by: Priyanka

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Everyone wants this recipe from me. Rice layered with beets and aloo masala make this good looking, delicious and healthy dish. Great for a party or when you want to make a lavish dinner for someone special.

Recipe by: pragatim

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Rice and prawns with kheera, capsicum, sprouts in a vinegar-y, honey dressing. Yum!

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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what can a vegeterian look for ? chicken or dum biryani ?? na na.. I am a veggie and so i decided to go for veg biryani. I generally have less time in the morning and when you need to cook something fast this is the best thing to do.. lets try !

Recipe by: sumana

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Simple Veg Fried rice indian version which does not require any kind of sauce.

Recipe by: tejaswini.r23

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Nutritious Food

Recipe by: priyanaidu

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Fried rice is a result of the fusion of Bengali and Chinese cuisines. It is light and quite easy to cook. It is great for a quick lunch meal, especially for school kids. It can served with a sweet and sour tomato sauce and chicken fry.

Recipe by: Afsana_Hossain

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Soya bean is considered a very healthy ingredient, and this pulav recipe is a great way to encourage your little one to have something filling, nutritious and yummy. Serve with chutney, kababs or curries.

Recipe by: Prajakta_Karanjkar

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Tawa Pulav is another great way to cook basmati rice and turn your ordinary Indian meal in to an exquisite one. It tastes great by itself.

Recipe by: Megha_Karanjkar

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This is a simple rice dish for vegetarians. Enjoy it warm, by itself or with pickle.

Recipe by: prea_desai

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