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A fancy dish of soaked rice, milk and nuts.

Recipe by: Priyanka

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This is a very authentic bengali dessert that is popular everywhere in the country, typically made during any religious or auspicious occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, or annyaprasan. However, every family in bengal have their own variation of payesh. This is how it is made in our family and I love it. Hope you'll like it too.

Recipe by: piku

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It is a very traditional goan sweet dish. It is something my Mom used to make for tea and as my Mom used to say "it is strengthening and good for you". It is like a porridge that can be eaten hot or chilled. When chilled it is more like a pudding.

Recipe by: Louella

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Pinac is a very traditional goan sweet easily available in any sweet store in Goa. It is a tea time snack or can be eaten as dessert as well.

Recipe by: Louella

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This 'Khao Neeo Mamuang', is an authentic sweet rice pudding that you find in Thailand. It's creamy, smooth, garnished with sesame seeds and is just great for after dinner with a nice cup of coffee.

Recipe by: Michelle

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Rice, honey and bananas cooked together with seasonings and then baked.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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How about a taste of the far east for breakfast or a tea time snack? Celebrate the monsoon with this easy, delicious treat!

Recipe by: Li Shu

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With kishmish, cherries and khumani, this is an interesting twist on the classic 'flapjacks'. It has now become a firm favourite at home.

Recipe by: dcull

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THE FIRST FOOD WHICH IS THE BEST TASTE EVER SO TRY IT BECAUSE urad dal, cumin, chilli, garlic, curry leaves and saute ARE THE TASTES WHEN TOGETHER!

Recipe by: Udipti

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