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An easy to make spicy chutney that goes well with Idlis and dosas.

Recipe by: My_kitchen


Besan is found in most Marwari dishes. Here's a besan stuffing you can use to make anything. This is a spicy version with green chillies stuffed with besan masala.

Recipe by: pragatim


Peanut chutney powder is called Shenga Hindi in North Karnataka. You can sprinkle this powder on curries, rice or dosas.

Recipe by: sanjayumarani


Paddu or Gundpangli could be called a cousin of idli. It's a common breakfast item in all parts of Karnataka. Enjoy!

Recipe by: sanjayumarani

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This snack along with hot tea is a hot favourite during rainy seasons. I have brunched on it many a times during college days. It was the most in-demand snack of our college canteen. If you like potatoes, you will only be asking for more Bonda.

Recipe by: My_kitchen


Begun pora is an authentic preparation eaten in Bengal as part of everyday meal. It is healthy, tasty and simple. Whenever we had a busy day of shopping together as a family, mom would plan something like this as it was so convenient and less work after a hectic day. With a little bit of planning it is easy to make. All you need is a daal to go along. I prefer to eat it with rice, but it is also quite commonly eaten with chapatti as well with some daal and achar to go along with.

Recipe by: piku

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Here's a great new topping for traditional Italian bruschetta.


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Here's a lovely tapa bursting with flavours of Spain. If you can't find fresh mackerel, smoked mackerel is a good alternative.

Recipe by: Annakm

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Boiled aloo, stuffed with filling, cooked under a grill.


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Great, easy, healthy dish for lunch or even as a starter.

Recipe by: JADE2001AD

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