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A tropical mango pineapple salsa does double duty as marinade and salsa in this spicy chicken dish.

Recipe by: Terry Coonan

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Mutton marinated in herbs with lime and chillies. I like tender, boneless lamb meat for this dish. This is a traditional North African dish and is best served with couscous.

Recipe by: laughs and smiles

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This is my husband’s recipe. He is a big fan of goat and lamb meat and wants to cook at every summer barbeque and grill event.

Recipe by: pragatim

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My friend Manesh Singh, who is a professional chef, shared this goat curry recipe with me. Like all of Manesh bhaiya's dishes, this one is also richly flavourful and finger licking good!

Recipe by: Priyanka

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A luxurious marinade made with honey, mustard and chillies. I love it on mutton, lamb or for meaty kebabs.

Recipe by: DIPAR

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I use this delicious marinade for kebabs before barbecuing or grilling them.

Recipe by: Debi

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Chicken spiced with dhania, jeera, ilaichi, kali mirch and laung. Serve with basmati or parathas. Yum yum!

Recipe by: MICHELLE

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Sun dried tomatoes with goat cheese and garlic flat bread. It's even good tossed with some leftover pasta.

Recipe by: smatiszik

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Ham soaked overnight in cider is slowly boiled and then baked with sugar and mustard. Delicious served with cauliflower cheese and roast potatoes.

Recipe by: REDFIORO

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A delicious roast chicken for occasions where there are a large number of people and you have very less time......

Recipe by: kavya8484

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