Popular all over the world, every family makes their own special recipe - butter naan, Kalanji naan, garlic naan,and many, many more. Want to try something new? Select from our collection of Indian naan recipes.

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    Tender shredded chicken delicately seasoned with lime and curry powder in a creamy sauce.

    Recipe by: Caroline C

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    Here's the best naan I have ever tasted! Make in a tandoor or the barbecue is the next best thing.

    Recipe by: Mic

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    Puffy, soft, rich and melt in your mouth naans are not that hard to make! Whether you make them in a tandoor or in a bbq, here are the best naans I've ever had.

    Recipe by: Mic

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    An Indian touch to an Italian classic recipe.... This snack is surprisingly tasty and a crowd pleaser. It’s a perfect appetizer for parties as well as an excellent last minute meal solution. Kids will love to help too. For me, it's always a no-brainer and a terrific hit at parties!

    Recipe by: cookwithmonica

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    A rich dough made with milk and eggs, cooked in a tandoor or on BBQ grill. Absolutely delicious served hot!

    Recipe by: Lynda McCormick

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    This authentic Kalonji Naan is great with dishes that have a lot of gravy. It soaks them right up!

    Recipe by: Michelle

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    Meat or veggie curries, this naan tastes great with everything!

    Recipe by: REYNOLDS33

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    This curd naan is made in the bread machine, you may experiment with it to make it in the tandoor or oven.

    Recipe by: JOHANNABURKE

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